Recently, due to tight supply of raw materials, the domestic surfactant market was under a”demandexceedssupply” situation.

The price for raw materials, ethylene oxide and fatty alcohols both began to rise, andenvironmental inspection are still strict. So the device load operation is lower, the inventory of surfactant is significantly reduced.

As for the market of ethylene oxide, ethylene prices continue to rise, and ethylene glycol slightly lower than before. The production of factory is biased towards ethylene glycol, limiting the overall supply of ethylene oxide. In addition, the costs of the raw material palm kernel oil recent sharp rise. So the market of surfactant will face to obvious pressure. And for non-ionic surfactant market, the factory can not get enough raw materials. Coupled with “environmental inspection” are still playing a role, some small and medium enterprises are even eliminated by this situation.

Surfactant market in August to maintain the rising state, the profit support is mainly from raw materials. The following “golden September and silver October” is coming, the demand may have a better expectation. In accordance with past experience, in September and October, large household chemicals plant will significantly enhance the device load, in order to the preparation of promotional activities on National Day, “double eleven”, New Year’s Day and other festivals. So it may have good expectations in the next few months.

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