If you aren’t as familiar as you want to be with electronic chemicals materials, that is easy enough to understand. This is a highly technical field, and it can be broken down into many segments, too. You might be familiar enough with one segment, but you could use information about the others. Whether you are […]

The Application of Pharmaceutical Intermediates Pharmaceutical formulation intermediates is the term given to an application involving direct compression in the mass production of drugs. The application of pharma intermediates makes bulk amounts of tablets in a shorter period of time than other methods. Facilities that use pharm intermediate are able to make medications so quickly […]

In 1831, Phillips(England) proposed the method of producing sulfuric acid with platinum as catalyst. It was industrialized by 1875, which is the earliest industrial application of noble metal catalysts. Since then, the industrialization of noble metal catalysts has been emerging. In 1913, platinum catalyst for ammonia to produce nitric acid oxidation; In1937,Ag/Al2O3 catalyst for ethylene […]

Introduction to Noble metal catalyst First of all, the catalytic ability of precious metals is strong, not because it is “expensive”. such as Ag, Au, Pd, Pt and other metals as a single element, although the price is high, but it is rarely applied to the catalytic reaction. But as a catalyst and ligand coordination, they can […]

Iphone8 will be released, it will also appear the latest OLED full screen. OLED display technology with self-luminous, wide viewing angle,low power consumption, high response speed and so on. As the benchmark of the mobile phone industry, once there is any innovation of Apple, it will lead to a large range of imitation. So many […]

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