Introduction to Noble metal catalyst

First of all, the catalytic ability of precious metals is strong, not because it is “expensive”. such as Ag, Au, Pd, Pt and other metals as a single element, although the price is high, but it is rarely applied to the catalytic reaction. But as a catalyst and ligand coordination, they can be a good reflection of the catalytic effect. It is fundamentally empty d track reason, can be well formed coordination key to participate in the reaction. It can be said that the reactivity of the catalyst is proportional to the proportion of d electrons involved in the coordination. The most common Pd catalyst (more than 70% of the catalytic reaction is Pd-catalyzed), the proportion of d electrons above 0.4, can be said to be the top grade of transition metals, and therefore has a high reflected activity. Other popular catalysts such as Ru, Rh, Pt, Ir atoms in this part of the proportion of electrons are more than 0.4%. The second is related to the adsorption capacity, easy to desorption in some groups, but this should belong to the interface of chemical content, and I do not understand this.

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