Have you started to learn about the electron chemical series? Also known as The Electrochemical Series, it is made up of various substances. One thing you need to know is that these substances are either oxidizing agents or reducing agents. If you have already started looking into all of this terminology and the formulas for substances, then you might have heard about the term oil rig.

The term oil rig in this case is a helpful acronym for the sake of memorization. It stands for oxidation is loss and reduction is gain. Does that make sense to you? Remember that term as you explore more about the electronic chemical series and what substances are involved. If you take a look at it in table form with formulas and all, what you are going to see is they are in order from the most negative to the most positive.

Is this something you learn in chemistry, or is this advanced chemistry at the collegiate level? You certainly know if you are currently studying The Electrochemical Series. To me, it looks like something that would be studied by a chemist in grad school. That might be because I have a difficult time understanding chemistry. I like science, but chemistry doesn’t come easy.

Thankfully, I can still comprehend it and memorize terminology, hence the above explanation. You have to do more than that though if you are studying this field. Are you going to be able to swing it? You’ve got this, especially if it relates to the career you have chosen. I would not think that this is part of gen ed. You are going to notice right away that many sources exist for this subject, and some are on a basic enough level to get you started if you have just been introduced to the electron chemical series.

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