Iphone8 will be released, it will also appear the latest OLED full screen. OLED display technology with self-luminous, wide viewing angle,low power consumption, high response speed and so on. As the benchmark of the mobile phone industry, once there is any innovation of Apple, it will lead to a large range of imitation. So many manufacturers have to transit to the OLED field.Forcing them to update the OLED chemicals.

The OLED industry chain can be divided into upstream, midstream, downstream.In China, now there are many enterpriseshas entered the field of OLED, but mainly concentrated upon the downstream of the industry chain, it is still weak of upstream equipment and raw materials. At present, there isn’t a large enterprise with large-scale and complete products. Most of manufacturers are still in the initial stage, and large-scaleproduction is hard to achieved.

Incomplete industry chain, direct result of a small output of China’s OLED industry. However, it also means Chinese OLED industry will have a very large space for development. The government is also carrying out the relevant policies. We expected that driven by the government and enterprises, OLED chemicals industry will develop rapidly in the future. It has a wonderful prospect.

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