CAS 75-77-4

Chlorotrimethylsilane,C3H9ClSi,CAS 75-77-4



Synonyms TMS chloride, Trimethylchlorosilane
CAS 75-77-4
Formula C3H9ClSi
Formula Weight 108.64
Melting point -58°
Boiling Point 56-58°
Flash Point -27°(-16°F)
Density 0.856
Refractive Index 1.389
Sensitivity Moisture Sensitive
Solubility Miscible with ether, benzene, diethylether and perchloroethylene.
Purity 99%

Chlorotrimethylsilane is used to silanize laboratory glassware, which makes the surfaces more lipophilic. It is used in the production of trimethylsilyl halides, pseudohalides and various organic silicon compounds. It is also used to produce hexamethyldisilane by reduction.

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Incompatible with water, strong acids, strong oxidizing agents, strong bases, alcohols, aldehydes, amines, ketones and esters.

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