CAS 2996-92-1

Phenyltrimethoxysilane,C6H5Si(OCH3)3,CAS 2996-92-1



Synonyms Trimethoxyphenylsilane, (Trimethoxysilyl)benzene
CAS 2996-92-1
Formula C6H5Si(OCH3)3
Formula Weight 198.3
Melting point -25°
Boiling Point 210-212°
Flash Point 86°(186°F)
Density 1.07
Refractive Index 1.4735
Sensitivity Moisture Sensitive
Solubility Reacts with water
Purity 99%

Phenyltrimethoxysilane is used for nanoelectronics and material science research. It is used as crosslinking agent for silicone resin and to produce polymer organic silicon compound.

Moisture Sensitive. Desiccate at room temperature. Store under inert gas. Incompatible with Strong oxidizing agents.

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