CAS 409071-16-5

Lithium difluoro(oxalato)borate,CAS 409071-16-5,LiBF2(C2O4)


Synonym: LIF2OB, LIFOB, LIODFB, Lithium difluoro(ethanedioato)borate, Lithium oxalatodigluoroborate

CasNo: 409071-16-5
Molecular Formula: C2BF2O4.Li
Application: 409071-16-5
DeliveryTime: with 10 days after order confirmed
PackAge: normal package
Port: any port in china
ProductionCapacity: 1 Metric Ton/Day
Purity: 99.9%
Storage: conform
Transportation: by air
LimitNum: 1 Metric Ton

Its article traits for white powder, thermal decomposition temperature is 240 ℃.As the derivatives of LiBOB LiODFB combines LiBOB and LiBF4 advantages of both as electrolytes used in lithium ion battery electrolyte lithium salt.LiODFB than LiBOB is more easily dissolved in linear carbonate solvent, under low temperature is relatively higher conductivity;LiODFB LiBOB than at the same time, the SEI film formed by the LiBF4 has smaller impedance, thus both the high and low temperature performance and ratio performance;LiODFB same fluid can effectively passivation protection anode aluminum set, also can inhibit the oxidation of liquid electrolyte decomposition.Application of LiBOB and LiODFB both made lithium ion battery has the high security performance, all is the current development power lithium ion battery electrolyte optimization compatibility lithium or additives.

Can use as SEI forming additive or conductive salt replace LiPF6 for high performance lithium rechargeable batteries. With high temperature stability: decomposition temperature over 240 °C (TGA experiment); form more stable and proposing SEI on cathode and anode material; improve battery high temperature performance; effectively suppress Mn and Fe dissolve from cathode material; Hygroscopic;

Specially can replace LiPF6 as main salt use in EV/XEV batteries. The electrolyte shows best thermal stability and lower SEI resistance with good low temperature performance

As a novel conductive lithium salt, LiDFOB, which possess good film forming property and high thermal stability. It shows several very interesting properties for its use in lithium-ion batteries including excellent Al-corrosion-protection properties, excellent cycling behavior of lithiated carbon anodes and cathodes, no HF-evaluation upon hydrolysis, and far better solubility when compared to LiBOB. Even only with LiDFOB and solvents, battery can get good performance.

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