The most common chemical product – Sodium tripolyphosphate

The two most common uses:

Detergent:Careful users will find our teapots and cups will have a thick layer of white scale, in fact, because the water contains more, soluble, calcium and magnesium compounds, in terms of professional terms is “hard water.” Hard water will not only form scale, but also let us in the washing clothes tableware to increase the amount of detergent and will wash out the clothes color dim. Sodium tripolyphosphate is also known as “softener”, which can solve these problems, At the same time, the powdered synthetic detergent has hygroscopicity, and the hexahydrate formed after the absorption of sodium tripolyphosphate has a dry characteristic. It is possible to keep the dry granules of the synthetic detergent. For life to bring great convenience.

Food additives:Sodium tripolyphosphate used in meat products is mainly to do water-retaining agent, so you can increase the yield of meat products.Used as meat products, water-retaining agent, mainly on the role of muscle protein, generally no manufacturers to use alone, with a lot of detergent taste. Food industry for canned food, fruit juice drinks, dairy products, soy milk and other quality improvers , It can let the ham tender , beans can be softened soya.

As additives are not necessarily harmful to humans, we should dialectically look at the advantages and disadvantages of chemical products, of course, for the production and sale of tripolyphosphoric acid Sodium manufacturers we also need to distinguish between good and bad,     Henan TianFu Chemical Co., Ltd. in this area has 10 years of experience, we welcome you to find more use and inquiry.

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