China’s R & D scale of FDI exceeds the United States

The pharmaceutical industry is the primary R & D investment in China.
At present Chinese domestic enterprises are increasing spending on research and development, and help leading the new trend of global R & D expenditure patterns and innovation activities.

British media said, with the cost of domestic labor rise, and Chinese inflows of foreign direct investment (FDI) at the stable stage, China is quite successfully in attracting higher value of foreign investment projects – such as research and development related projects. since 2010 china is ranked first in the world to attract Green foreign investment scale in the field of research and development , and the number of projects is ranked second in the world.

And now, China is becoming a research and development center.As one Research displays, China is already catching up with the footsteps of the United States, in the terms of attracting foreign investment in R & D.

In China, government funded research projects is also increasing, because the government wants to enhance the position of their economic activities in the value chain. Now, China seems to have almost completed the “rising” stage.

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