“Price surge” under the chemical enterprises how to help themselves?

According to reports, “Schaeffler ‘call for help” incident alerted the Ministry of environmental protection. The Ministry of environmental protection issued a document called the micro-blog 20, the major car brands to Tsjofre for breaking the crisis as a lesson, to conduct a thorough diagnostic environmental risk on the supply chain, and effectively solve the pollution problem caused by industrial production, environmental protection, energy saving, a low-carbon green development road. Environmental Protection Department of this position, the implication is: there is a question of reflection on their own, and then solve their own.

Recently was carried out with vigour and vitality of environmental supervision, direct impact to chemical industry may be some small and medium-sized enterprises will be shut down or take the initiative to shut down; and the indirect impact is due to the upstream raw materials have been shut down or take the initiative to shut down enterprises suffered the fate, leading to insufficient supply of raw materials, thereby decreasing the cost of procurement.

For chemical enterprises, how should they help themselves under the dual pressures of environmental protection and rising prices?

There is no doubt that in view of the current environmental protection in our country especially in the prevention of air pollution situation is still grim, in the chemical industry and high environmental protection policies of other industries and enterprises will continue to introduce even more stringent. As a result, shortages of commodities and rising prices are likely to become normal, at least not in the short run, let alone back in the past. Facts have proved that this is an irreversible trend, even if the use of economic theory (will cause harm to economic development) to “ask for help”, I am afraid it is difficult to reverse the situation. This is also confirmed from the side of the national environmental pollution determination of iron fisted rule — it is more obvious than the signal; and businesses have to do, May be to abandon the last fluke, and actively seek a way out of transformation.

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